Akyüz Kardeşler

The hotel was established in the year 1990. It has a bed capacity of 60 and restaurant capacity of 120. Visitors, who would like to enjoy Uzungöl in a quiet and comfortable manner, should check our hotel for a budget-friendly vacation.

Uzungöl, which is located in Trabzon, offers a different striking beauty each season, particularly each tone of green and blue; as for us, we provide the hospitality of our area, and create a vacation environment, while respecting the values of Eastern Black Sea Region in general and Uzungöl in particular, and appreciating the natural heritage.

We invite you to Akyüz Kardeşler Hotel & Bungalow, to experience the nature and quality at the same time, with the genial service of the family-run business.

Experience the privileged Uzungöl vacation under our roof…